About Us

Oppong Academy was created to help Entreprenurs start build and leverage their business to create a better life for them and their families with the mindset of building a legacy for Generations to come

Derick Oppong— Founder & CEO.

My Story

Derick is an Entreprenur who learned the have way what no mentorship can do to a person.

A Ghanaian who came to America at the age of 10. Derick made all the mistakes a typical inner kid makes, Gang life, Prison, full on street life. Derick made a major life transformation for the better over a decade ago and uses his life and business lessons to empower and impact the lives of thousands of his students, troubled youth, ex-offenders and Business professionals. 

Derick made it his mission since the beginning of his journey to teach the value of wealth building, home and business ownership and financial literacy to those who have historically not had access to this critical information.